• What We Do

    Building a pipeline of unique assets enabled by a world-leading platform for antibody discovery


    An unparalleled platform for the targeting GPCRs with antibodies

    HEPTAD is DJS Antibodies' proprietary antibody discovery technology and delivers unprecedented success rates in the discovery of functional antibodies to GPCRs. It is built on a deep understanding of immunology and antibody production enabling us to discover functional antibodies to complex protein targets which have hitherto been intractable to drug discovery.

    Asset Development

    Creating value through the development of unique therapeutics

    We use HEPTAD to discover antibodies against challenging GPCR targets where there is a strong commercial case for an antibody therapeutic. Lead antibodies discovered with HEPTAD are fed into our antibody development pipeline where our expert team works to accelerate their development through preclinical milestones and into the clinic.

  • Pipeline

    We are building a unique pipeline of unique first-in-class antibody assets



    DJS-001 targets the tumour microenvironment to alleviate immunosuppression and enhance checkpoint inhibitor efficacy.


    Novel biological insight positions DJS to develop a world-leading IO therapeutic.

    Chronic Kidney Disease


    DJS-002 targets the key processes of fibrosis and filtration unit breakdown associated with CKD.


    DJS has produced the first ever functional antibodies shown to antagonise signalling through this GPCR.

  • Our Team

    Board of Directors

    David Llewellyn


    David completed a DPhil in Clinical Medicine at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He is an expert in the generation and characterisation of antibodies and has developed novel techniques for immune modulation.

    Joe Illingworth


    Joe has a background in biochemistry and immunology. He completed a DPhil and Post-doctoral work at the University of Oxford on antibody inducing vaccines. His expertise include inducing potent antibody responses to proteins which are difficult to express recombinantly.

    Graeme Martin


    Graeme has a background in pharmaceutical R&D with Glaxo Wellcome and Roche having seen multiple programmes through preclinical development and into the clinic. Most recently, he has led Takeda Ventures as CEO, and has been working with DJS for 3 years.

    Andrew McLean


    Andy is a Principal at Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI); an investment company formed to turn Oxford’s world beating science in world changing companies. Prior to joining OSI Andy trained as a physician and consulted in the pharmaceutical & biotech practice at McKinsey.

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